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Hey! You came to my page. That either means you have mispelled my name. Or you want to know a thing or two about crowdfunding. I hope it is the latter 👍

I will make it easy for you. These are 7 reasons why we should work together.


I have worked on seven campaigns. All of them were sucessful.

For comparison, the average success rate across crowdfunding platforms is 34 %. The chance all my campaigns have succeeded by luck is 0,05 %.


I don’t believe in luck. I rather work with data. They do not lie.

Before launch, I do testing. Several rounds of testing. Both quantitative and qualitative. I either recommend launching to succeed. Or, I save you time.


As a consultant, I have helped 50+ campaigns to reach their goal.

I’ve seen everything. A project that raised $2 million. A project that sold out in 24 hours. A project with $0 spent on Facebook and yet suceeding. And also a project, where I reduced CPL from $140 to mere $0.87.


As a startup founder I know how to save money.

Trust me, I know how to bootstrap. 5 years ago, me and my best friend, have founded a company madebythe: for notebooks and posters that sold out every time. The company is still running and I work there as a CEO.


7 years in crowdfunding? I can help with pretty much anything.

From Facebook ads to video script, I can help you with step-by-step planning, budgeting, lead generation, page design, analytics, strategic partnerships, social media, PR, fulfillment and after-campaign operations.


I don't do it because I have to. But because I ♥ it.

I am not a marketing agency that needs to grow 300% every year. I don't want to. I consult max. 3 projects at a time. I have never run an ad for my services and yet I can choose only to work with the projects I am passionate about.


I share what I learn. For free.

My Medium articles have more than 100.000 views. And I am the first Slovak to be featured in Medium’s largest publication The Startup.

Let's work together

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