First Consultation

Ako sa darí

  • pár ďalších konzultantov (8 mesiacov, Media Buying →ads)
  • koľko € (investment?)
  • koľko je reálny goal? 600K - 1M
  • budget 85K


  • 5-10K mailov → 15K mailov

Kickstarter page

1. What is missing on the Kickstarter page -> What would you add?

  • Back more campaigns (10+)
  • Logo on main placeholder image
  • Rotating GIF on prototype

2. What parts would you remove?

  • Too many banners

3. What parts would you strengthen - add details / more info?

  • Shipping from US

What "backend" do you want to check? There is no backend as of now, we are approved on Kickstarter and ready to launch. We connected Google Analytics and went through all points. After launch we will draft survey that will be sent to backers once funded.

Some numbers :

  • Emails: ~9 800 (on 16th it will be ~12 000) --> Cost per email vary between EUR 0.65 to EUR 1.10 (will go through it). Open rate varies between 36% (welcome); ~50% for Reserves; ~27% - 16% for no reservations. We also give a chance to reserve for $1 right after email sign-up via Conversion from those who sub to newsletter and reserve for $1 on right away is ~8.87% (Margin of Error 1.1%)

  • Reservations: 430 for $1 (on 16th it will be ~550)
  • Launch date 16 March; 9:45AM EST (this is a combination of recommendation and our own traffic peaks from Google Analytics and Facebook Ads)
  • Goal is 5000 devices. 3000 is also ok. That's our marketing budget. Anything above is great. Obviously this depends on the ROAS. We have an ad budget of ~EUR 85k (possibly more +50% for growth). We are paying EUR 6.9 - EUR 20 for a reservation. See picture attached. These numbers were collected when there was no reaction video, no press, no reviews, no organic reach. Only our facebook ads and landing page.


  • Backerkit
  • Pledgemanager: Pledgebox Sprout tier --> We will be charging shipping through them.
  • Affiliate: Kickbooster --> How do you manage paying the affiliate fee and people cancelling their pledges? When do you pay out?
  • Perkfection: Perk management
  • Ads (along ours): Greeninbox
  • Referrals? Through Kickbooster?


  • What is the range for conversion rates from $1 reservations you see?
    • CR 20%
    • CPL 1 usd
  • Nationality --> We are based in Prague, but we will have an office in the US if all goes well. Should we be okay mentioning Prague as project location or should we mention California?