5th Consultation

So far 200K

  • https://db.jellopads.com/Sentien_audio-3701880132127.html
  • it’s still rather early in the game to tell whether or not you’ll get 3,000-5,000 backers. A rough estimate - assuming that your last 3 days will be about as strong as the first 3, and that the mid-campaign-slump-day will be about as strong as Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 - suggest that you’re currently trending toward ±3,500 backers Averages don’t mean much in our case - because campaign differ greatly in their pricing, conversation rates, cost-per-click and how daring/conservative does the creator plays with ad spend. That said, the ad campaigns are performing great with the total ad spend of $12.5K yielding more than $100K in pledges. This means that each dollar put in ads brought in more than $8 in pledges - which is great in any standard (most creators would kill for ROAS of 2x outside Kickstarter, and you’re getting 4 times as much).
  • It is also encouraging to see that returns are still high even though we’re done picking the low-hanging fruit. However, it looks like you’re getting very little traffic outside of ads, and you’re hardly getting any organic backers. Did you get in touch with Kickstarter about being picked as “Project We Love”.

  • ich ady
    • daily spend 600 eur
    • feed vs. story
    • segmenty 50-100K users
    • 1600 eur od soboty → 1600 priniesli
  • alternative - Product Hunt
  • image

  • propaganda na PR - Ido doporučil