— Short introduction

My name is Ivan Zatko and I am a crowdfunding expert.

Just for comparison, the average success rate across all crowdfunding platforms is 34 %.

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I only join teams who see challenges as part of the journey. And share the same values as I do.

My crowdfunding campaigns have been featured on Forbes, The Verge, New Atlas, Mashable, New York Post, Wallpaper, Dezeen and many more.  And what’s even more important, they have 100% success rate.

Want advice on how to crowdfund your idea into reality?

— My projects

50% client work. 50% passion.

In 2016 I co-founded a company The Projekt which makes notebook The Žurnál. We have sold out 1st and 2nd version & are planning big things in the 3rd.

A year later I also joined Benjamin Button as a company integrator with a mission of bringing jobs-to-be-done innovations into parenting.

— Reading & Writing

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I am a knowledge junkie and I always seek a good book.

I write about crowdfunding and other things on my Medium blog and I share the best stuff I find all over the internet in a monthly newsletter for my friends.

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I live in Brno, Czechia

The Studio s.r.o.